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Photo Gallery - Restoration by Howard Iron Works Restoration Team

At any given time, our Restoration Team works on several projects simultaneously.  For historical and archival purposes, our HIW photographer diligently takes pictures during the restoration and documents the various processes each machine is being put through.  We have compiled the photos in a photo gallery for each machine.  We hope you enjoy them.

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We offer our restoration services to others, and will also complete machines that can be either purchased or leased for use or as beautiful displays

For inquiries about our restoration services, please contact: info@howardironworks.org

Invented by Richard W. Cope in 1820, the Albion press was a great success and competed head-on against George Clymer's Columbian for the hearts and wallets of printers of the era. After Cope’s death in 1828, John Hopkinson took over the company and continued to make improvements to the Albion, working under Jonathan and Jeremiah Barrett, the executors of Cope's assets. From 1830 till 1847, both Cope and the Barrett’s names were on the press. Hopkinson died in 1864 handing the business back to Cope’s son, James Cope.

Our press was manufactured in 1831, during the interesting Hopkinson/Barrett period.  It features a brass plate which reads "Hopkinson's Improved Albion Press 1831", as well as the names of Jon. N. & Jer. H. Barrett, Exors of R.W. Cope, Finsbury, London" on the header.  We are extremely pleased that we were able to restore the original wood components of this J & J Barrett  Albion, including the handles and the solid wood cylinder.

Featured here is the restoration of the 1831 Jonathan & Jeremiah Barrett Improved Albion Press.


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