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Photo Gallery - Restoration by Howard Iron Works Restoration Team

At any given time, our Restoration Team works on several projects simultaneously.  For historical and archival purposes, our HIW photographer diligently takes pictures during the restoration and documents the various processes each machine is being put through.  We have compiled the photos in a photo gallery for each machine.  We hope you enjoy them.

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We offer our restoration services to others, and will also complete machines that can be either purchased or leased for use or as beautiful displays

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In 1935, Schnellpresse launched the OHC (Original Heidelberg Cylinder). This press, made in a 19 x 25 ½" sheet size (48 x 65 cm), was designed as a continuous or single revolution. That means the cylinder is oversized to compensate for the bed's return and, therefore, does not need to stop or lift on the bed return. In the mid 1800's, this design principle was common in England and America. First imported into America by David Napier of England in 1824, then somewhat replicated by the R.Hoe Co. in 1830. German firms were also starting to use the single revolution design, but quickly abandoned it in favor of the two-revolution and stop cylinder designs.

Heidelberg made a great many improvements to this concept, and it was of little surprise that in 1957 having newly ensconced themselves in the "super factory" in Weisloch-Waldorf, Schnellpresse started to build smaller versions. These were referred to as the K-Letterpress "K" meaning "Klein" (in German) for small. What a hit is was. The first machine was the KS, followed by KSB , KSBA, and finally around 1970, the KSD. Heidelberg produced the K-Letterpress from 1957 to 1980 - 23 years.

Our press was rescued from a rough life. It had been used for die cutting and this is still a very popular usage for both the OHC and the K letterpress. We searched for as new a machine as possible and found a 1976 KSD with the inker still attached. Many machines had the inkers removed for ease of use when cutting and creasing.   After extensive repairs and rebuilding of the inker, we have a perfect press example of the wonderful 18" x 25 1/4" KSD. The last model designed by Heidelberg and possibly the newest in Canada. This press will be used for printing in our museum.

Congratulations, Leo and the HIW Team of Restorers, on another job well done!

Featured here is the restoration of the 1976 Heidelberg KSD Cylinder Press.


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