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V & J Figgins Columbian Hand Iron Press - Project Pink Project  When George Clymer's patents expired in mid 1800s, many press makers in England and Europe started making Columbian presses. This 1974 press, made by V & J Figgins, of London, was chosen to represent hope, survival and triumph under the Pink Ink Project at our museum.

George Clymer Columbian Hand Iron Press   In 1817, Clymer moved to London and set up shop in Finsbury Street, which was ideally situated amongst the type and metal foundries, and was within walking distance from Fleet Street. After patenting his invention, the press did receive favor and was sold all over England. Although there are earlier examples in existence possibly only 40 machines survive that were built during Clymer's life.

The Little Wonder   Brothers Alfred and Charles Harris, jewelry store owners from Niles, Ohio, started tinkering with machines to help out a neighbour in late 1890s. Reasonably successful at it, they began to get serious about building a whole brand new press after a visit to the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. In late 1895, the Harris Brothers incorporated Harris Automatic Press Company, and by the spring 1896, the first Harris automatic press was born.

The Little Wonder   The Dutch-made Mercedes is a rather unique and rare example of the Leipzig, Germany's inventor, Paul Gl√∂ckner. Known as a "Stop Cylinder Press", This design has the impression cylinder coming to a stop each revolution, while the bed returns. Several other versions have appeared in Germany since 1939, but this Mercedes, manufactured by the Nederlandsche Snelpersenfabriek N.V. of Amsterdam, is a very rare find.

Thompson British Platen Press   Founded in 1871, T.C. Thompson & Son, Ltd., Manchester, UK, first produced hand and treadle platens. In the 1920s, it started making automatic presses in the style of the Heidelberg platen. Patent infringement suit by the German firm forced a new press design and launched the "Buy British!" ad campaign.



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