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A high school camera club project took the photographer to Toronto in the early spring of 1975, and put him in an enviable place bearing witness to the amazing feat of the Sikorsky pilot. Olga, a 10-ton Sikorsky helicopter was charged with the removal of the crane equipment from the top of the newly-built CN Tower as well as the installation of the 335-ft tall TV and radio communication antenna on top of the tower.

The construction of the tower began 45 years ago today, on February 6, 1973, and by the early 1975, the construction was ready for the final phase - installing the communication antenna at the top of the tower which, at this point, was already about 1,500 feet above the earth and only about 5 feet in diameter. Amidst the frigid Canadian weather and strong gusty winds at such altitude, the high riggers and the Sikorsky pilot braved the elements. It took about 3 1/2 weeks to complete the communication antenna installation.  The final piece of the antenna was finally secured in place on April 2, 1975. The CN Tower was open to public in June 1976 - recognized as the tallest tower at 1,815 feet 5 inches.

"My favourite was the photo of the World War I veteran watching the amazing skills and bravery of the high riggers and the pilot," Nick reminisces. "I'm glad to have been in the area that day - I'd never forget".

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