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Glimpses Into The Past: The Little Wonder   How the Harris Brothers Rocked the Printing World
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Glimpses Into The Past: BUGRA 1914 Exhibition    Leipzig hosted the first ever staged BUGRA which opened on May 6, 1914.
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Glimpses Into The Past: 1893 Chicago World's Columbian Exposition   125 years ago, today – on May 1, 1893, President Grover Cleveland opened the Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition. Read more »

Glimpses Into The Past: CN Tower   On the 45th anniversary of the start of construction of CN Tower (Feb 8, 1973), a photographer reminisces about how a school project in 1975 put him in an amazing moment and place in the building of Toronto's CN Tower. Read more »

Glimpses Into The Past: The Big Strike   Remembering the 1964 strike by the Toronto Typographical Union against three major dailies in Toronto - The Star, The Globe and Mail, and The Toronto Telegram. Read more »

Glimpses Into The Past: The Genius of Friedrich König   How Friedrich König Lost The Battle But Ended Up Winning The War! The 2-part article explores König's London Years and the partnership with Andreas Bauer that gave birth to König & Bauer AG in 1817. Read more »

Glimpses Into The Past: Deception In Philadelphia   How key bindery technologies evolved from the brash ideas and questionable ethics of inventors pursuing fame and fortune during the dawn of industrial invention Read more »

Glimpses Into The Past: Sticks, Lies and Movable type   Gutenberg's place in history as the inventor of printing press had been contested by various scholars and historians. Read more »

Glimpses Into The Past: Mummy Rags At A Yankee Paper Mill   A contraversial topic in the paper making industry in the mid 19th century - the mummy paper. Written in the Nov 1858 issue of The Printer. Read more »

Glimpses Into The Past: How A Printer Was Managed
A glimpse into life and work in the 19th century England. Written in 1865 by J.C. for The Printers' Journal and Typographical Magazine. Read more »

Heidelberg's Greatest Gift
By Nick Howard - The author's professional and personal reflection on the much-beloved Heidelberg T Platen. Read more »

Development of The Heidelberg T Platen
The letterpress field is growing fast as more and more want to feel and touch something that is magical. This article chronicles the development of the Heidelberg T platen.Read more »

What is Letterpress?
Letterpress is a method of printing using raised surface images and type. Machines, whether they are rotary, platen, hand or cylinder, developed from the use of this method. Read more »

History of The Cylinder Press
The concept and reasoning behind the cylinder and bed machine was driven by the newspaper. Read more »

Bookbinding History
Before Gutenberg invented movable type, there was already a Bookbinding industry. Read more »

Type and Typesetting History
With thanks to both Bi Sheng and Johannes Gutenberg, we were blessed with finally being able to distribute knowledge on a worldwide scale. Read more »


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