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At any given time, our Restoration Team works on several projects simultaneously.  For historical and archival purposes, our HIW photographer diligently takes pictures during the restoration and documents the various processes each machine is being put through.  We have compiled the photos in a photo gallery for each machine.  We hope you enjoy them.

Cincinnati Newspaper Press
1900 Karl Krause Guillotine
1928 Chandler & Price
1929 Vandercook #1
1877 Andreas Hamm Guillotine
Wade Arab Platen
Hogenforst Rapid Platen
1896Golding Pearl #1
1831 J & J Barrett Albion
1885 Howard Iron Works Guillotine
1865 Gordon "Old Style" Press
1870 French Book Press
1878 Curtis Mitchell Columbian #2
1948 Vandercook #4
1985 Heidelberg T Platen
1834 Clymer & Dixon Columbian
1976 Heidelberg KSD
1848 Hopkinson & Cope Albion
1832 Adams Acorn Press
1837 B. Porter Britannia Press
1880 St. Louis Type Foundry Press
1865 Hopkinson & Cope Columbian
Wm. Carpenter Columbian
1886 Golding Jobber #7
1875 K.Krause Guillotine
1840 Sherwin & Cope Imperial Press
1872 G.P.Gordon Platen

Behind each machine, there is a skilled group of individuals restoring them. We can think of no other industrial sector where one must have the skills of a machinist, the common sense of a millwright and the creativity of an artist. Each machine we undertake to restore starts with research. After which, the item is completely stripped and rebuilt.

Almost all machines are either missing original items or have broken parts. In HIW's full machine shop, it’s our job to repair and remanufacture parts where there are no drawings. Everything from bed corners, friskets to finials and treadles, are made right in the Works.
The restoration work at HIW requires more than technical aptitude, but also a whole lot of ingenuity in rebuilding components from scratch.

Finishing and detailing are done by hand echoing the great skills and creativities of the artisans from centuries ago. Processes include hand-engraving and hand-painting of intricate decorative features.

The abilities of our people to research and reconstruct century-old machines set HIW apart from most historical museums. On completion, all machines become fully functioning and as exquisite just as the day they were made.

HIW offers our restoration services to others, if requested, and will also complete machines that can be either purchased or leased for use or as beautiful displays.

For inquiries about our restoration services, please contact: info@howardironworks.org.


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