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The Columbian Iron hand press with its majestic eagle or a Washington press with medallions of Franklin and Washington, are so striking. They provoke discussion and marvel at what over 100-year old technology created.

The industry of the 1800’s was in the throes of constant change and aggressive salesmanship. This resulted in some stunning designs and embellishments not found in any other industrial sector. For it was the art of printing that stimulated design and freedom of expression. Those that operated the machinery were a combination of mechanic, machinist designer and labourer.

HIW has made a select group of Iron Presses available to be offered for lease. These machines are fully restored and detailed to the finest level. Coats of arms, gilding, metal refinishing are included. As displays for libraries, reception areas, and atriums, HIW’s century-old machinery can be configured to suit most any area.

Printing is about communication and self-expression. Artists, universities, colleges and libraries can all benefit from our extensive collection that is supplied “ready for use” and can speak volumes about the facility or company.

Short-term rental program for special events or functions and movie productions can be disccussed.

If you or your business desires something real and bespoke, contact us for availability and pricing.

Columbian Iron Press at The Clements Library

Albion on film set of Anne, with an e
Hoe Washington Press at TMU

Gordon Platen at the Inspiration Center at JDS Inc., Libertyville, IL

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