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Miehle V50X Press - from the Howard Iron Works Collection

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Miehle Vertical V50X Press - Chicago, IL

Age: 1973, Serial No.: 23654, Sheet Size: 14 " x 20"

Robert Miehle (1860-1932), a pressman, founded the Miehle Printing Press & Manufacturing Co. in 1890 to build the "improved" two-rotation cyinder press he had been designing and had received a patent for. Miehle enjoyed great success with the Miehle Flatbed Cylinder press.

The Miehle Vertical history began in 1921, when the Miehle Vertical V36 press was introduced. Initially, this new and radical concept, based on a design by Edward Chesire, met with some push back from printers. But, it wasn't long before the opinion would turn for the better, as more printers started to buy and use the Verticals. The V36 offers 3,600 sph, and were followed in 1931 by the V45 (4,500 sph).

The Miehle Vertical V50 was introduced in 1940, but didn't go into full production until after the war. The V50 offers a slightly larger sheet size 14" x 20", 5,000 sph, and many other improved features.

Even while the production of flatbed cylinder presses had virtually ceased in the 1960s (including Miehle's own flatbed presses), in 1964, Miehle introduced the Miehle V50X press, still at 5,000 sph, but with further improvements and safety components added. The Verticals continued to be produced until 1978.

Our Miehle V50X, dated from 1973, was previously being used in check production, specifically for the MIRC printing. Soon, the V50X will be joined by a 1925 Miehle V36, currently being restored.

Miehle Vertical V50X Press - Chicago, IL


Serial No.:





14" x 20"



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