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One would be hard pressed to find another industry that required so much specialized accoutrements and tools. From lead type, to matrices for making type to a plethora of tools, the varieties are truly eye opening.

HIW has a wide-spanning collection of type, cabinets, lock-up quoins, furniture and reglets, as well as specialized tables, stones and inking devices. The museum collection, although extensive, is still dwarfed by thousands of items made by hundreds of companies in Europe and North America.

Typesetting - the tools and machines that either cast or store type, are well represented. The iconic Linotype and the Intertype are on display - both are of very early models. A newer double magazine Linotype is also set up and ready to cast lines.

With thanks to both, Bi Sheng and Johannes Gutenberg, we were blessed with finally being able to distribute knowledge on a world-wide scale. Typesetting, the definition of forming words that can be reproduced over and over again, had its next renaissance with Ottmar Mergenthaler and his incredible Linotype.

In 1884, Mergenthaler, a German who had moved to America, invented what would go on to become the key technology well into the early 1970’s

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