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GAF Corporation GAFONT Headliner - from the Howard Iron Works Collection

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GAF Corp. GAFONT Headliner - by Pierce Div./Kroy Industries Inc.

Serial No. 0-0610 10599

The GAFont Headliner is a simple to use lettering machine. Impression is made by pressing a single font character against the GAFTONE toner tape, transferring the letter’s image onto a thin clear adhesive-back tape GAFTAPE. As the letters are dry-printed, the tape can be used immediately. In page composing process for print, GAFont is used to create headlines, while it also has other practical usages include labeling white printing, negatives and microfilms, and other office projects.

Founded in 1925, IG Farben, a German conglomerate in chemical and pharmaceutical, was the result of a merger of six companies, including BASF, Bayer, Hoechst, and Agfa, with a head office in Frankfurt. It became the largest in the world, counting several Nobel Laureates as employees during its heydays. Controversies ensued as the company was targeted by both sides of the political divides during the pre-war Germany. But, subsequently, IG Farben became a large Nazi German government contractor in the 1930s and throughout the war, being cited to have produced and supplied the materials used in the gas chambers.

At the end of the war, IG Farben was seized by the Allies, and divided back to its constituent companies.

Meanwhile, in 1929, the American holdings of IG Farben reorganized and formed General Aniline & Film Corporation. In 1941, the German connection caused the seizure of assets by the American government as enemy property which was then sold in 1965. Subsequently, after several mergers, the company changed its name to GAF Corporation in 1968.

Our GAFont was manufactured by Pierce Division of Kroy Industries Inc. for GAF Corp.

GAF Corp. GAFONT Headliner - by Pierce Div./Kroy Industries Inc.


Serial No.:


0-0610 10599



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