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Emil Kahle Platen Press - from the Howard Iron Works Collection

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Emil Kahle Maschinenfabrik - Leipzig, Germany

Age: early 1900s, Platen size 8" x 12.75"

Emil Kahle Maschinenfabrik was established in 1888, in Paunsdorf District of Leipzig, Germany. Kahle produced several variants of platen presses - hand-, and foot-operated, as well as motorized models. Kahle platens employ the Boston Principle whereby the bed remains stationary, usually in a near vertical position, while the platen moves in an arc to allow feeding and delivery.

In addition to presses, Kahle was also known for its perforating machines and other printing related machinery and devices.

Emil Kahle Maschinenfabrik - Leipzig, Germany


Serial No.:

Bed size:


early 1900s

8" x 12.75"



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