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Brehmer No. 7 Stitcher circa 1895 - from the Howard Iron Works Collection

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Gebrüder Brehmer No. 7 Universal Stitcher - Germany

Age: ca 1895, Serial No. 33, Max. thickness 14 mm (17/32 inch)

After working in America for several years, in 1879, August and Hugo Brehmer returned to Germany and settled in Leipzig. The brothers formed Gebrüder Brehmer Maschinenfabrik and built their factory in an area called Plagwitz. The success of Gebrüder Brehmer Maschinenfabrik was somewhat tarnished by the highly controversial story during the brothers' stint in Philadelphia. Read the story here: Deception In Philadelphia.

Our Brehmer No. 7 Universal Stitcher is a rather unique model - the saddle is designed as an upright "V", which is completely the opposite of other stitchers commonly seen. The No. 7 is fully restored - another century old treasure saved for posterity.

Gebrüder Brehmer No. 7 Universal Stitcher - Germany


Serial No.:



ca 1895


Max thickness 14 mm (17/32 inch)



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